It’s no secret that we love avocados—and the feelings are mutual.  Among my youngest’s first words was cado for the smooth, delectable fruit that made her tummy feel happy and healthy.  More than a decade later she’s still scooping them liberally, whenever Avocado Salsa with Mango and Strawberriesand wherever she can.  And with good reason.  Besides their irresistibly buttery-rich green flesh, avocados are loaded with nutritional benefit, too.  Current research demonstrates their potent anti-inflammatory, cardiovascular and anti-cancer benefits (read about it here).

Luckily California is cado country, and we find the gravelly-skinned fruit tucked into our Freshness Farm bag on a regular basis.  We’re set for everything from avocado toast to green gelato (!) and an unconventional lassi (!!), as well as destinations in between.  Guacamole, move over for the upstart newcomers.

Here’s what a few blogs we love are doing with their summer cado stashes:

Spring RollsOf course we won’t hesitate to mix up a bowl or two of guac as well (who can resist that all-time favorite?), but we’ll flip it on its head first by adding summer fruit (pictured above), crunchy radishes or fresh herbs such as arugula, mint or basil.

And if we have any cado left after all that, we’ll summer roll the rest.

Oh, and with the snap peas this week, try our recipe that was selected last week as a Community Pick on Food52.

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