Summer Vegetable Paella

We’ve been compiling a list of summer cooking projects all year.  Not our ordinary fare, the summer list involves any or all of the following: complex methods that require additional research and secondary sources including calls to grandmas and other expert cooks; Google searches to translate mysterious ingredients into plain English and pinpoint local suppliers (usually unexplored ethnic or specialty markets—a side bonus); kneading; equipment that’s tucked away in the garage (and requires a stepladder to reach) or borrowed; painstaking stirring and long stretches of waiting; pastry flour; squash blossoms; stone fruit and berries; sweet treats.

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Spiced Carrots with Peas

This simple sauté of carrots and peas is quick to prepare, but loaded with flavor.  You can substitute chopped spinach, sugar snap peas or shelled fava beans for the peas.  Try adding some minced ginger root for extra spice.

Serve with Indian flat bread such as naan or roti (check out Trader Joe’s frozen section) or rice. Add a bowl of yogurt raita on the side for a complete meal.

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