Strawberry-Lime Granita

(Serves 6)

Granita is Italian, though the flavors in this icy bowlful are authentically Mexican. Think of it like a frozen strawberry-lime agua fresca—loaded with fresh fruit.  This dessert is perfect for a hot, lazy day—you’ll need to be freezer-side for a couple of hours, though the task is simple.  Grab a book. Curl up on the couch.  Set the timer for 20 minute intervals to “rake” your iced treat, and when it’s done serve up a cool, refreshing scoop.  Maybe two.


  • 1 cup hot water
  • ¾ cup granulated sugar
  • 2 cups chopped, hulled strawberries
  • 2 ½ limes
  • Zest of one lime


  1. Dissolve sugar in the hot water.  Stirring frequently until crystals have completely dissolved.  Cool slightly.
  2. Process berries in a food processor or with a handheld immersion blender until smooth.  Juice limes into purée and add zest.  Stir. Gradually stir sugar water into berry mix, tasting as you go to see how much is needed (will depend on sweetness of the berries and your preference—we tend to use less than the full amount of sugar water).
  3. Pour mixture into a shallow glass or metal dish. Place into the freezer.  After 30 minutes remove dish from freezer and “rake” around the edges with a fork to break up ice that has formed.  Return dish to freezer for 20 minutes.  Remove and rake again to break up frozen parts.  Repeat process every 20 minutes, until mixture is frozen, similar to shaved ice (should take about 2 hours total). Consume within 2 days.
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