Pupusas with Kale Curtido

pupusa with curtido

In our household summer is a time of grand ambition and limitless opportunity.  Or so it seems, at the outset, with weeks of unbridled possibility ahead.  Notes to self have accumulated steadily since last summer; we’ve got a long list of projects on our hands.  THE LIST.  In January we’re confident that summer’s long, warm days devoid of school (if not jobs) will be the magic elixir to rejuvenate our procrastination-prone existence with newfound motivation.  The story we spin to ourselves goes something like this, “once summer hits we’ll clean out the closets and garage, get into shape, thoroughly weed the garden and repair the drip system.  Then begin the bathroom remodel in earnest while working through the family budget.  Fix the leaky kitchen faucet and degunk the shower drain.  And grow some really fabulous tomatoes, too.”  No problem, there’s still plenty of time.

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Favorite Black Beans

We make these saucy beans nearly once a week—on nights when time’s in short supply, but we crave something that tastes fresh and homemade. There’s not much to prepare, but you might slice a sweet tomato, grate a carrot or cube an avocado while the beans cook.  If you have the energy, sauté some vegetables to serve on top—corn, broccoli, carrots, greens—whatever you find in the fridge.

By the way, this is the perfect meal for kids to prepare on their own—as an after-school snack or supper for the whole family.

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