Avocado Salsa with Strawberries, Mango and Arugula

We think of this vibrant dish as a cousin to guacamole—a chunky, sweet one.  Feel free to substitute liberally.  By all means add cilantro if you have it, or chopped spinach.  Tomato or peaches add to the fun.  Maybe something crunchy besides the radish, like diced jicama or daikon per chance?  Whatever you do, don’t forget the chips—or warm corn tortillas—for scooping.

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Emerald Smoothie

A vitamin-laden cupful — kale and lettuce offer vibrant green color as well as bright, fresh flavor. You can vary the fruit — add an apple, pear, or even fresh pineapple. Try tangerines instead of oranges. Purée in the blender for a thick fiber-rich pour or toss into a fruit and vegetable juicer for a smoother drink. The optional ginger offers a tropical, sweet-spicy boost that compliments the mango. You can vary the green as you like — a touch of arugula lends a peppery kick, spinach offers a more delicate texture and deeper green hue. Continue reading