Freshness Farms


Four Cooking Together finds its inspiration in the bounty of fresh food offered each week by Freshness Farms.  Conceived originally as a school fundraiser, Freshness Farms has been delivering the finest fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, honey and bread—grown and produced a stone’s throw from our own backyards—to homes and businesses in Silicon Valley for over four years.  Freshness Farms supports small growers and producers who are each experts in their fields—farmers, bakers, beekeepers, egg ranchers and more.

The possibilities local, organic, humanely-produced food offers are far-reaching—fresh, great-tasting meals that are good for our health, our environment, the local economy, and our sense of adventure in the kitchen.  Visit Freshness Farms‘ website to become a participant.

We welcome participants and other like-minded local food enthusiasts to share recipes, tips and ideas.  Contact us by filling out and submitting the following form:



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