Rhubarb Strawberry Crisp

Rhubarb and strawberries are an old-fashioned American combination.  Think lattice-weave-pastry-topped pie wedges served up with scoops of home-churned vanilla ice cream—an early summer stand-by at any number of small-town, middle-America diners of yesteryear.  Perch on a Naugahyde-covered stool at the counter, sip a mug of black coffee (no latté please) and tuck into a forkful. Nothing better on earth.  While this exact experience might be a relic of the past, the taste is easy to recreate with a simple crumble topping instead of the pie crust.  Serve some up with this week’s ruby-red rhubarb.  You won’t find this spring jewel in the markets much longer.

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