About The Cooks

Four Cooking Together documents the adventures of one family in the kitchen — cooking together, with fruits, vegetables and foodstuffs from nearby farms, backyard gardens and local producers.  Our vegetarian food finds inspiration in Indian, Mexican and Mediterranean cuisine with plenty of California influence, too, since that’s where we live.

We are a family of blended cultures:  one parent born in India, one from America’s heartland, and two teenage girls who’ve grown up celebrating it all.

Our Ground Rules:

  • Turn to our Freshness Farms delivery and backyard garden for inspiration.
  • Clear the calendar and cook together, as much as possible.  Great food awaits.
  • Eat together every day.  No media, phone calls, books or electronics.  Be present with our food, friends and family.
  • “Cheat” here and there — eat out, open a package or can, buy an imported mango.  A healthy dose of indulgence fuels the soul.
  • Cooking and eating real food is a source of joy and fun — embrace the spirit.

Here’s a bit about the cooks, and what each brings to the dining table.

A.J. — this guacamole lover and middle schooler loves to create impromptu snacks inspired by what’s growing in the garden or chilling in the fridge.  Chief sous chef and avid gardener, A.J. is always in the thick of our kitchen adventures.  She aspires to write a journal entry or two in the future — so keep your eyes peeled.

M.J. — a devoted salad eater, M.J. is our chief vinaigrette maker and resident photography guru.  As our original web designer, her artful eye and technical know-how got this blog off the ground, and we continue to look to her for fresh, creative ideas when we want to change things up.  In her free time M.J. pours her heart into high school drama productions.

B.G. — our official taster (every kitchen needs one), this man admits to being a reluctant cook.  He’d much rather take charge of washing up — even if it includes a mountain of dirty dishes.  B.G. is our master tomato gardener, sprinkling worm castings right and left over his carefully tended beds and burying mysterious items like aspirin and eggshells in the dirt.

Ann — chief cook and menu planner, Ann is the impetus behind Four Cooking Together — the person that nudges and cajoles and gets the group moving on a cooking project.  She is a devoted believer in Community Supported Agriculture and has been welcoming a weekly farm delivery for more than 14 years.  She can’t imagine a world without Freshness Farms.  Where would the inspiration for cooking begin?  Most of the writing and photos are her handiwork.

Thanks for reading!


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