Thai Peanut “Noodles”

Thai peanut noodles

This week we welcome back health coach and Freshness Farms participant, Christine de la Cruz, as our first guest writer of this summer season.  Check out Christine’s earlier post on juicing and healthy eating.  This week she shares an ingenious dish that fashions “noodles” from summer squash.  Diners of all ages will adore these sneaky noodles, bathed in a nutty, Thai-inspired sauce—and be none the wiser about their vegetal identity.  

Be sure to stay tuned for more guests throughout the next few months…

Do you, like most Americans, love pasta? I know my family does. Pasta is one of those go-to meals we are all looking for, that EVERYONE will eat. I love pasta too, but it doesn’t really love my thighs. As soon as I eat a comforting bowlful, I immediately feel a bit fluffy and bloated. I don’t like feeling fluffy. Or bloated. Well, guess what? I’ve found a way to have my pasta and eat it too.

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Escarole Salad with Roasted Broccoli, Pomegranate Seeds and Avocado

Escarole is a slightly bitter winter lettuce that partners well with other strong flavors—roasted broccoli, tangy pomegranate seeds and a mustardy vinaigrette, for starters.  We’ve added lots of pistachio nuts for crunch and a touch of aged Parmesan for flourish.  If you can’t find escarole substitute one of its cousins such as frisée or endive.  Peppery arugula would be lovely as well.  Cauliflower or Romanesco would be a nice addition if you don’t have broccoli on hand.

The colors make this dish a natural choice for a winter holiday table.

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Indian-Style Baby Broccoli with Mushrooms

Broccoli isn’t typical Indian fare, but it works well with the mix of spices.  Cook this dish quickly, with a light touch—you want the broccoli to keep it’s bright green color and crisp texture, while taking on a bit of caramelized goodness from browning in the pan.  If you don’t have mushrooms, you can leave them out, or substitute another quick-cooking vegetable such as bell peppers or carrots.

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Pasta with Roasted Broccoli, Tomatoes and Olives

This dish offers a winning flavor combination deepened in the roasting.  You’ll find the vegetables are fabulous on their own or tossed with cooked grains like brown rice or farro.  Even piled on toasted baguette slices.  We enjoy the partnership with orzo or Israeli couscous (the whole-wheat version pictured above).  The itty-bitty pasta creates a smooth, easy bite that hardly needs chewing.   Like hundreds of tiny, soft balls.  So adorable, who can resist?  This is the perfect summer dish when the garden bed is loaded with cherry tomatoes.

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Easy Chinese-style Noodles

Our youngest whipped these yummy noodles up today. It’s her mid-winter break, so there’s extra time for cooking together. Her inspiration was a sauce found in Honest Pretzels by Molly Katzen — but she improvised. That’s her way in the kitchen. These noodles offer the perfect destination for those button mushrooms and tender petite carrots we received in yesterday’s delivery. Toss in any greens you have. Continue reading